"I feel a great disturbance in the Force!"

…or something like that. 

Next one up, which I was thinking before I decided to throw it together, about aged soda and if it would even be worth the effort. The bottles themselves are actually a collectors kinda thing, and I did find out that aging soda used to be a thing, but it wasn’t really worth doing. So pretty much stealing 20-30 year old or more cases of Mountain Dew seems a bit strange. Oh well. Screw logic!

Figured I’d try my luck at redoing my S.I.S. Productions website using floating divs instead of AP ones, and so far so good with recreating the look to it. Was stumped for a while when dealing with multiple resolutions, but then found out I just had to make them all float in the same direction. Least I’m learning more with each attempt! :P


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