And next one, bit sooner than expected~

Got the urge to go ahead and do it, and made it a tad more gruesome than the game really is. Enter Zack as the “hero” like before, minus the talking rat telling Tails to seek therapy. I also left out the ball’n’chain guy altogether without realizing it in the last one, but figured I’d just work around it.

Number 2~

Another thing I did with the old strips was not give him a weapon early on, purely for comedic effect, :P Going to stick with that again, but not going to really make him completely dimwitted.

ALSO! Turns out I may not have to rip the backgrounds after all. Found a website with the complete layout of each dungeon/cave I’ll need for this. I however still need to replay through the remaining dungeons to re-familiarize myself with the order to do things. Looking over Agahnim’s tower had me staring at the map trying to remember it all for a good 10 minutes. Stay tuned! 

So Yanami came across - - this yesterday…so another spark of inspiration gave me this silly idea. Kind of an ode to Pepe Le Pew, but wasn’t quite intentional. Was having some trouble doing the odor trail so had to look up something for that, and immediately thought of him.


After seeing yet another Zelda crossover picture of Tails as Link by 4thgeneration on Deviantart, I had a desire to go back and redo this old attempt at doing a visual walkthrough of A Link to the Past. Only this time, going to actually include a bit of in game text where possible. Also, going to make it follow the exact path as best I can, while still including the Four Swords element I included in the old strips. 

I still need to go through the remaining crystal dungeons and Ganon’s Tower to rip the backgrounds I need, which I’m hoping I won’t struggle with as its been a while since I played through it to the end. 

Typically this is true in many ways, and surprisingly did happen to us while on vacation. My father’s girlfriend did that very thing checking the weather before we went on vacation, which we did end up having a few storms hit us within a few days. Didn’t really ruin the trip though, we all pretty much enjoyed ourselves despite the rain.

Would have had this up sooner if not for the unfortunate internet outage before we left, but patience is a virtue, unfortunately it severely tested mine.

Don’t want to talk to another tech support person

…ever again. Was disconnected for nearly three weeks, one of which was vacation time (back by the way, :P), which afterwards, spent the next week and a half trying to get them to restore everything. Would have been LAST Tuesday, though, I apparently missed the second tech guys (first actually diagnosed it but couldn’t fix anything), so had to push to get them out here, which they supposedly did on Friday, but didn’t happen either. Tried again on Saturday for a Sunday appointment, but availability was scarce. Supposedly were going to have them out yesterday, but same deal as Sunday, plus they didn’t really schedule a time. SO, got one for today, which almost turned into a clusterfuck as we had a brownout that caused some outages around here, as well as having the tech leave without telling me anything. Had to call them again to find it out, but turns out, the guy showed up again and actually managed to fix it. 

Anyway, new comic today as well that I finished last week, :P, will be post that here soonish.

Knothill Dream Address

Granted I probably can’t design my town exactly like it, but hey, limitations blow, :P

So I managed to finally remove all the randomly placed PWPs in my town (minus the permanent ones, but can’t do anything about that unless I start over), and added new ones/repositioned old ones, so if anyone’s interested, feel free to have fun checking out my town/burning it to the ground, :P


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